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Mrs. Piyatida Szedressy holds a LL. B. degree from the Faculty of Law of Thammasat University and a LL.M degree in International and European Economic and Commercial Law from the University of Lausanne. 

Piyatida further pursued her expertise in international law while interning at the Permanent Mission of Thailand to the United Nations. Under the conventions of the United Nations and diplomacy Piyatida gained extensive experience in international trade matters, human rights laws, and labor laws. 

Piyatida undertook a second internship where she represented the Permanent Mission of Thailand to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). As part of her internship, Piyatida represented Thailand during WTO trade dispute settlements and monitored trade policy reviews with a focus in mastering legal aspects in accordance with WTO rulings. 

Working within the diplomatic and legal sector as well as being a resident of Switzerland for over 10 years, has revealed the multiple barriers Thai nationals may face living abroad as well as for Foreigners entering Thailand. Recognizing the gap in adequate legal representation for expatriates, Piyatida reached out to her network of leading lawyers in Thailand to aid in resolving these barriers.  

Flawless, Thai legal advisory was established under the purpose of consulting and matching expatriates with a Thai legal representative suited for the case. Piyatida is committed to facilitate legal undertakings with the Thai judicial process while remaining transparent about the associated costs.  


We strive to provide peace of mind, professionalism, and price transparency.

Language barriers and distances are no longer a drawback for those living abroad, we communicate and coordinate between you and your Thai lawyer.  


Our goal is to resolve any language, distance, and time barriers.

We are committed to finding the right lawyer for both Thai nationals and non-Thai nationals living aboard who would like to access legal services in Thailand.


We strive to provide peace of mind, professionalism and price transparency

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